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Protecting Your Identity

Think it's someone else’s problem? Think Again.

Identity theft affects millions of Americans every year and is consistently the number one complaint to the FTC. The ever-increasing desire for mobile technology puts personally identifiable information (PII) at risk every day. And, with more than 30 different types of identity fraud reported to the Federal Trade Commission every year, being prepared is becoming a necessity. What would your next step be if any of the following happened to you:

  • A skimmer at a gas station steals your credit card information and duplicates are sent all over the state.
  • A thief impersonates you to apply for a new loan or credit card.
  • A felon commits a crime and uses your name and information when apprehended.
  • Your child’s Social Security number becomes compromised and the thief creates an entirely new identity; severely affecting your child’s financial future.

An important time to remain vigilant over your personal information is while using any online products or services. If you're not familiar with cyber security and the steps you can take to protect your information online, we recommend visiting Homeland Security's site Stop.Think.Connect. for more information. 

To learn more about the growing problem of identity fraud online and in other areas, and to learn how to protect yourself and your family against its devastating effects, visit our identity fraud protection site.

Comprehensive Fraud Recovery and Remediation for MCCCU Members

Monroe County Community Credit Union provides comprehensive, fully managed identity fraud research, remediation and recovery services to all of our members! These services are a benefit of being a member of Monroe County Community Credit Union. Should you experience a compromise of your personal information, click here to file a claim or call 1-866-SMART68 (1-866-762-7868) for assistance immediately. In addition, if an eligible family member experiences an identity fraud event, they are covered too. These benefits extend to cover up to three generations of your family.

Eligible family members include:

  • Spouse or domestic partner
  • Dependents under age 25 with the same permanent address — even if they are in college or the military
  • Any other IRS qualified dependents
  • Parents with the same permanent address—living at home or in elder care (nursing home, assisted living, hospice, etc.)
  • Plus, all covered family members are covered up to 12 months after death

We have arranged for the professional identity fraud research, remediation and recovery benefits to extend beyond just accounts with us to cover all types of identity fraud—this includes both financial and non-financial fraud, such as:

  • Medical fraud
  • Financial and credit card fraud
  • Government documents and benefits fraud
  • Employment fraud
  • Phone and utilities fraud
  • And many more!

Want even more protection? We want to ensure that all of our members have access to the very best in identity fraud protection benefits and so Monroe County Community Credit Union also offers another way to obtain additional coverage. Our new identity fraud protection website provides a direct purchase opportunity of a package full of comprehensive, essential services!

Packages may contain:

  • 1 or 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • Expense Reimbursement Insurance
  • Public Records Monitoring
  • Internet Black Market Monitoring
  • And many more

Visit our identity fraud protection site for more information on these packages today!

How do Fully Managed Identity Fraud Research, Remediation and Recovery Services help you?

If you suspect identity fraud, or if your personal information becomes compromised as a result of a lost purse or wallet, a break-in, lost laptop, data breach, or other event, we can help! Simply click here to submit a claim or call 1-866-SMART68 (1-866-762-7868) to speak with a Recovery Advocate. This Advocate will be assigned to your case and will contact you directly by phone within 2 business days. Before submitting a claim, please read the terms for identity recovery services.

Your case-dedicated professional Recovery Advocate will complete the legwork on your behalf to research and remediate all identity fraud incidents and restore your identity to a pre-event status—to your satisfaction no matter how long it takes!

Depending on your identity fraud incident, these efforts may include:

  1. Working with you to identify fraudulent activity, including credit report review (if appropriate) and conduct additional research to determine the extent of the fraud.
  2. Place fraud alerts with the three major credit bureaus.
  3. Assist you in completing an Identity Theft Affidavit and Declaration of Fraud to establish your rights as a victim.
  4. Activate complimentary credit monitoring, if applicable, during your recovery to help you watch for additional signs of abuse.
  5. Contact the Social Security Administration, U.S. Postal Service, Department of Motor Vehicles, and more, as applicable, to address any misuse of official documentation of your identity.
  6. Research and document all fraudulent transactions and false accounts or contracts signed with creditors, banks, utility companies, leasing agents, medical facilities, etc.
  7. Follow up to make sure wrongful activity is expunged from your records.
  8. Work with local and federal law enforcement to try to stop the criminal or criminals who are using your identity.
  9. Enlist other members of the recovery team to assist when necessary, including professional investigators and legal advisors.
  10. Provide 12 months of personal follow-up and complimentary credit monitoring, if applicable, after your recovery is complete — to be sure you stay recovered!

Are you already working with a Recovery Advocate?

Click here to log into your personal Identity Care Account and view details and status of your recovery. Don’t forget your personal Recovery Advocate is available to answer any questions or concerns you might have during your Recovery.

How else is MCCCU working to protect your identity?

MCCCU is committed to protecting your identity and information. This commitment forms the cornerstone of trust and confidence upon which we build long-lasting relationships with our members. Since 1953, MCCCU has placed the highest value on protecting the information you share with us. If you haven't already, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our privacy notice and security statement.

Some of the methods we use to combat identity theft are:

  • Training our employees to protect your information
  • Utilizing the latest technology, tools, and personal analysis to detect and prevent fraud
  • Responding quickly when threats are identified
  • Actively monitoring current and emerging threats on the Internet and other areas
  • Working with law enforcement and other groups to be aware of current threats and share best practices with our members

Some of the tools we offer to help protect your identity are:

  • Online Banking - Review your account activity 24/7 and stay connected anywhere with online banking
  • eAlerts - Receive timely, accurate notifications
  • eStatements - Eliminate vulnerabilities of paper statements for your credit union accounts
  • Paperless VISA Statements - Eliminate vulnerabilities of paper statements for your credit card
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