Financial Counseling

Here at MCCCU, we put our members first in everything we do. This belief was a big motivator behind why we've invested in both the wellbeing of our membership and the development of our employees by having multiple CUNA Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors on staff. 

Our Certified Financial Counselors can:

  • Analyze your current financial condition
  • Create a plan to help you meet future financial goals
  • Develop plans for spending, bill paying, and savings that will reduce debt
  • Provide personal and family budgeting plans
  • Help you understand credit reports and how you can improve your credit score
  • Advise you on different ways you can avoid repossession, garnishments or other collection actions

We are proud to say these MCCCU team members are now CUNA Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors (CCUFC):

  • Heather Day, Main Office
  • Cindy Fleitz, Main Office
  • Kristin Lietaert, Winchester Office
  • Lori Marsh, Main Office
  • Michelle Micallef, Main Office
  • Melissa Wilson, Bedford Office

If you would like to set up an appointment with a financial counselor, give us a call at 734.242.3222 and speak with a Contact Center Representative. Our counselors work out of different branches, but would be happy to meet at whatever branch is most convenient for you!

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